Digitized Art

I'm using Modern Technology to digitize my pen, ink & graphite drawings & adding colour.

It means simply using a different type of brush & paints.

My brush & paint are Apps

My canvas is a computer screen

I get to manage everything during the process just as if I was painting. 

It's like Wood & Lino cut or Silkscreen, the only difference is that I am using a technology.

Hockney created a few Series using an Apple iPad.

I’ve wondered what da Vinci would have done in this Digital Age? 

Well, I’m loving it!

print screen, cropped saved as picture t

If you like a particular drawing,  you have the opportunity to choose from a range of colours

It's as if you commissioned me

However, there are some pieces in which I will not change colours.

Still Life in Cashmere
Still Life in Orange
  • Africa
  • Israel
  • Landscapes
  • People
  • Still Lives