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Art With Quotations

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Great intellectuals have often spoken or written their thoughts, beliefs or claims in a succinct form which are known as “Quotes”.

Some have used poetry or a stage play to convey their thoughts & beliefs.

For me, these concise quotes say it far better than I. Quotes are easily remembered & can motivate one to reconsider “things” in a little more depth. A line from Shakespeare's King Lear sharpened my thoughts on retirement & thereafter:

" 'tis our fast intent to shake all cares and business from our age, conferring them on younger strengths while we unburdened crawl toward death".

I have merged some of my favourites with an artwork of mine that I consider suitable & hope you enjoy & maybe benefit from them as much as I do.

To purchase an original or a print:
Call: 1 647 449 0489 or Email:

All my work is available in print format on metal, canvas, art or photo paper.

Select the Size & Media by Clicking on this link to go Sizes & Prices

If you have a special quote that you would like added to any of my art pieces, contact me.


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