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My Creative Process Using My Sketches

Over the years, whether on a 14 hour flight or some quiet time at an art show, I have sketched constantly.


Viewing these sketches (measuring from 4" to 10") from all my note & sketch books and loving them, I concluded that if I tried to copy them onto a larger medium, I could not capture the nuances achieved at the time of sketching.

To capture the nuances in each sketch, I am having them scanned and each one enlarged and after printing them to a larger format, I may add colour.


Some that I have coloured, I've used a variety of media including acrylic, inks, coloured pencils, water colour or gouache.

The drawing below, will not be coloured and was not intended when drawn.

"So, There You Are"


"Firm Embrace"

COUPLE 8001.jpg

Continental Divide 1 & 2

STUFF SHAPES300001.png
M DESIGN300001.jpg
ABSTRACT 23001.jpg

More Sketches

still life 5dpi 300036.jpg

Watch for more of this series as they get posted 

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