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metal Prints

Metal Prints 
11 x 11 ins / 28 x 28 cms

Call or email for prices

To see other sizes, surfaces & prices that are available Click HERE 


To sum up the reasons for their increased popularity

  • Outstanding image clarity and vibrancy with exceptional detail and resolution sums up the metal print.


  • Metal prints are durable, scratch resistant and will not fade or change in colour.


  • A heat press is used that allows for sublimated printing on metal with highly accurate colour reproduction. 

Metal Prints are ready to hang.
There are no framing costs.
Rear of metal print.png
Lulubelle - Night Bird

Lulubelle is known as "O Passaro Noturno" (The Night Bird).

That's the only time you'll see her at "O Clube" the hottest night club in Brazil, because by day she's a social activist wanting to make the world a better place.

Seems like everyone loves Lulubelle

Hi Rodney! Yes, we love her!!! Everyone else does too; she's the belle of the ball and she fits perfectly in her frame.

Thanks again :)

Lori M. Ontario

Abstract Art Lulubelle


  •    Gloss White

          Experience vibrancy and depth of colour with our Gloss White finish. 

          Colours pop and details come to life with the white base and thick high gloss coating.                            This is an excellent finish for any subject matter.

  •    Satin White

        Similar colour intensity and detail as our Gloss White option but with reduced glare.

  •    Matte White

​         Anytime surface reflection is a concern, our Matte White finish is the optimal choice.                               The surface provides a rich, smooth finish where colours can come alive with perfect subtlety.

Abstract Art Lady 2
Lady Too
Abstract Art Ritas Landscape
Rita's Landscape
Abstract Art Kraal Wall
Kraal Wall
Abstract Art Dwelling 3
Dwellings Three
Abstract Art Treehouse
Abstract Art Landscape 21
Landscape 2021
Abstract Art Temple Mount
Temple Mount
Abstract Art Cape Landscape
Cape Landscape
Abstract Rhino Rhythm
Rhino Rhythm
Abstract Art Totems 1
Totems One
Abstract Art Huts in a Village
Abstract Art Family Scene
Huts In A Village
Family Scene
Family Scene
Warrior's Return
Warrior's Return
Abstract Art King Shaka
Abstract Art Shy Bride
King Shaka
Shy Bride
Abstract Art - Beach Trees 2
Beach Trees Two
Abstract Art Beach Trees
BeAch Trees
Abstract Art The Kraal
Abstract Impression Stonehenge
The Kraal
The Kraal
Abstract with Arrow
Abstract Art Bird in Landscape
Abstract Art - Grey
Orange Abstract
Abstract With Arrow
Abstract With Bird
Abstract in Grey
Orange Abstract
Opus One 
Abstract Art Opus 1
Abstract Art Opus 2
Abstract Art Opus 3
Abstract Art Opus 4
Opus Two
Opus Three
Opus Four
Home in a Field
Home In A Field
King's Castle
Kings Castle
Across the pond.png
Across The Pond
Abstract Art Still life & painting.png
Still Life With a Painting
Abstract Art Passion
River #1
Abstract Art - River Thru 2
Abstract Art - River Thru 3
"A River Runs Through It"
As a Triptych - Three Metal Prints 11" x 11" each
Cannot be sold separately
Two People #2
Two People Two
Abstract Art - River Runs Thru
As a Metal Print 18" x 6" or 36" x 12" or up to 60" x 20"
Original is Acrylic on Birch Wood Panel & For Sale

(To achieve a square format some of the Art Pieces had to be cropped or tweaked slightly without affecting its artistic integrity)

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