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Wall Art - Custom Colours & Sizes for Galleries, Hospitality & Home Interiors

Wall Art

Customised Wall Art


16 October 2023


Toronto Canada

We work with Galleries, Designers, Architects & Individuals to create art that will suit a project’s concept & finishes.

Over the years, whether on a 14-hour flight to China or some quiet time at an art show, I have sketched and drawn constantly. 

When painting, I have often flirted with abstraction which allowed the work to be a series providing a visual and cerebral experience of shapes and colours without emotion or reality. 

Finding all these sketches and using technology, has also enabled me to experiment and understand how different colours can affect a viewers "feel" of a painting. 

Select a piece from the Opus Series & if you love it, keep it as is
We’ll produce it in your colours & size

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