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Get a Print With a "Colouring-In" Sheet & a Full Set Of Derwent Colour Pencils 


Why a colouring book?

The idea was born because I love colour!

We know that artists have changed the colours of a work by using different techniques and media such as silk-screen, etching, lino cuts, wood block & more.


My interest differed. I wanted to know and understand how different colours affect a viewer's response to the same work.


I began experimenting by first creating a line drawing. A printer was used to reproduce the  drawing and then colour was added by hand and/or computer.



A computer monitor became a second canvas and an app became my brush, paints, pastels, inks and pencils.

Seeing the results of the experiment, it was not difficult for my family to convince me to create a Colouring-In Book


Now you know some of my story, let's bring out the artist in you!

A folder has been created which consists of:

* An 8.5" x 11" print of the art piece.


* A line template of the print ready for you to colour


* All printed on Fine Quality Art Paper

The prints will be in a folder all ready for you to get creative and stimulated to complete in your own time.


As a Gift to a special person (like yourself)

Please read the instructions below very carefully

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