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Opus Series 
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I am constantly exploring and experimenting with different colors to create pieces and try to understand how colour affects a viewer. Through the use of various digital apps, I am able to bring my vision to life and preview different color schemes to achieve the desired effect. This process allows me to perfect my craft and create visually stunning works of art.

I believe that it's important to explore different methods and find a way to satisfy your creative needs. That's why I have chosen to use a digital approach when sketching out my ideas. This is not only because it's less laborious than using traditional methods but also because it allows me to experiment and create unique pieces of art without the fear of wasting materials. This method of using digital media before physical media is allowing me to evolve as an artist and to create artworks that I am proud to share.

A series of abstract works providing a visual and cerebral experience of shapes and colours without emotion or reality. 

From Sketch to Painting

By using a computer and various apps, I am able to achieve results to satisfy my need to see how different colours influences the feel or mood of the art.

Colours affect each viewer differently.

Wouldn't want to do that on a canvas. Too laborious.

satisfy that I would not attempt using brushes, paints and surface media. 

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