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From Sketch to Painting

Sketches in My Creative Process Led to Customizable Art

For over 40 years, I have worked closely with Designers and Architects like you. I understand your need to find the right artwork to complement your designs and ensure it has the correct feel and look.  I also understand how frustrating it can be trying to ensure that all the elements come together.  Your time is invaluable, and my creative process will provide you with the perfect, highly personalized artwork to enhance your interiors. 

Select a work from the Opus Series. If you love you keep it as is or I will adjust it to better fit your project’s finishes by personalizing its colour and size.  I can work with you and your designers in-person or remotely.  It’s that simple.

About Me
Over the years, whether on a 14-hour flight to China or some quiet time at an art show, I have sketched constantly.
Finding all these sketches and combining some of my black and white drawings, technology has enabled me to experiment with and understand how different colours can affect a viewer’s "feel" of a painting.

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